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Weekly WTF refs? thread

The spot of ball after Bradshaw’s run with about 1:30 to go left Coughlin and us fans irate. I’m not sure if he definitely got the first, but at the very least it was so close that it would only have been inches and forced a measurement. The line judge spotted it an entire yard short. Inside 2 minutes, the official in the booth needs to review that. An understandable error from the on-field official maybe he thought Bradshaw’s knee was down before he stretched across the 33. But the call on the field was clearly bad from the replays so wake up replay booth guy.

One sided officiating:

Dallas CBs got to do whatever they wanted to Giants receivers but Giants fans had to deal with potential heart attacks when the refs threw a flag on Prince near the end of the game. Even though it was offensive pass interference, you just knew the refs were throwing the flag against the Giants. Thankfully they huddled up and decided not to make the fix as obvious as that call would have made it. (joke – I’m not a conspiracy guy – I just think the refs suck) One set of rules for Scandrick playing the slot and another for Hosley. Same with Claiborne and Prince.

Amukamara had been warned earlier by an official that his coverage was teetering on the edge.

“I was warned, but I’m an aggressive corner, I like to put my hands on them,” Amukamara said.

He was sure that on the play that produced his puppy dog face, he did not interfere with Dallas receiver Kevin Ogletree.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Amukamara said. “He was the one grabbing me. “The ball was overthrown and we were both touching each other. Usually in that situation the call does go to the offense. Thank goodness they reversed it.”

Equally mind boggling = Hosley’s first illegal contact. He initiated contact within the 5 yards, but then was practically attacked by the receiver who nerly took Hosley’s helmet off. And yet the call was on him?

Several very bad missed holds in Dallas’ backfield, Cruz especially victimized.

The clock: We want to give them a TD but that would be too obvious since Bryant was clearly out of bounds. Let’s put some extra time on the clock instead so Dallas can run more plays. WTF? There were 6 seconds when Bryant landed out of bounds so why move the clock to show 10 seconds left?

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