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I thought drama was for other teams

Usually it’s players on other teams doing stupid stuff but the Giants have stupid guys too it seems. No one has all the details but it seems Plaxico Burress and Antonio Pierce were at a night club when Plax shot himself in the leg with a gun he could not legally carry.

I guess it was also stupid that he waited 2 hours before going to the hospital but since they only kept him overnight I guess it wasn’t real serious. Surprisingly, it’s been reported that the cops haven’t talked to him yet. Plax can’t be hard to find so I guess they will talk to him eventually…

2 Responses to “I thought drama was for other teams”

  1. Bo Says:

    There is absolutely no excuse to carrying a weapon into a public place. He should be suspended for (at least) the balance of the year with forfeture of his pay. I am a 50 year season ticket holder with the Giants, it’s time for him to go.

  2. Rodney Melton (bigtimer) Says:

    Why is everybody getting so keyed down about this gun situation?
    The man was more than likely trying to protect himself, against an would-be attack.
    This Country is in a recession now. And so many Celebrities and Entertainers are getting attacked and killed by the underclass, You wouldn’t believe it.
    All we can do is hope things will get better w/ our new Presential Elect. And that this imminent violence against the upperclass will soon fade away. With more opportunities and employment for the American People.
    Thats why a lot of the upperclass are scared to death,and are not really trying to take any chances. Even with a Bodyguard. He can’t be with them 24-7. You understand what I’m saying?
    So don’t fire Burress. Just let him stay w/ the team. And make the players go through an scanner, when reporting, and leaving from work.
    Cause on the real side, if you watch the News. Too many Sports Celebrities, Entertainers, and Important People are being attacked and some right in their homes, like Lisa Pressley. Or Jennifer Hudson’s baby brother. Or Sean Taylor.
    But i think this new Presidential Elect will prove he can bring about Change. But he has to get in Office. And get this Bush Admins. and his lameduck Congress out of Office.Then we will be back to normal.