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How bad is the Giants offensive line?

Green Bay is trying to figure out how they gave up 245 yards rushing to the Giants. Nick Barnett promised no team would gain as many yards on the Pack as Chicago did in Week 2 (182 yards). The Giants didn’t even need the whole team. Tiki Barber gained 182 yards on 23 carries, nearly 8 yards/carry. I suppose the offensive line deserves some credit too. Sure they gave up 4 sacks but two fo those were really coverage sacks. And there are problems as Neil Best points out:

The Giants continue to struggle in the red zone, in short yardage and on third down. But they have won anyway, in part because of good fortune and timing.

So the evidence is starting to come in. I was right. The Gaints offensive line is pretty good. Kind of makes Theismann and a lot of other “expert analysts” look like morons for saying that the Giants had the worst offensive line in the NFL. As Dr. Z points out, there are lots of bad offensive lines in the NFL. Miami gets a mention. So does Carolina. So do the Redskins. Cardinals, Rams, Bengals. The Giants are not mentioned at all. Are all those teams worse than the Giants offensive line? Probably.

8 Responses to “How bad is the Giants offensive line?”

  1. Tom Says:

    It isn’t just the O line surprising all of us non-Giants fans. It’s Tiki Barber. There was no reason whatsoever to believe that he could put up the kind of numbers that he has been, AND that he could get his fumbling problem under control. He’s got to be the surprise player of the year.

    How are Giants fans liking Coughlin, now?

  2. Mason Says:

    The real surprises have been Warner and the O line.
    Tiki had a horrendous fumbling problem last year, but his ability to run with power and intelligence, and to follow his blockers to daylight is comparable with the very best in the league. I was actually enjoying the fact that he was not taken as seriously by some media types as he should have been.
    Coughlin has found a way to motivate the team into correcting the mistakes of the past season BEFORE they happen again.
    They are executing well and the last hurdle is red zone offense.
    They will get over that hurdle.
    Coughlin was a good coach in Jacksonville and he was also a Parcells assistant, so motivating through fear and discipline was to be expected.
    I honestly believe that the Giants will do better in the first year under Coughlin than the Cowboys did in their first year under Parcells.

  3. Josh Says:

    I may try to go to the game in Dallas, Austin is only a few hours away after all. I really have no excuse.

    My favorite thing about this season so far is the genuine attitude from each and every player that they are not yet exceeding the team’s expectations. Teams often play lip service to that idea but rarely execute on it in any real way. This team seems different.

    Tiki not fumbling the ball is indicitive of that. Warner not diving headfirst into the endzone is just the same. Both things represent a general confidence that the team can take care of business as a team now. You don’t need to risk an injury… or a fumble.. for the sake of an extra half yard when you know your guys are good enough to get the job done on the next play.

    Even after a lame penalty.

  4. Tom Says:

    The real concern about the Giants O line wasn’t really run blocking. I don’t recall that ever coming up in any article or conversation I came across.

    The problem was pass blocking, which became a media issue when Eli pretended he couldn’t play for SD because they have such a bad O line. He of course meant their pass blocking. That’s when the Giants O line problems really came into focus, and THOSE concerns have played out.

    The Giants have already allowed 13 sacks. Only two teams are worse, and neither of them plays in San Diego.

  5. James Trotta Says:

    I’m not saying the Giants offensive line is perfect, but that 13 sacks number doesn’t indicate they are bad. 13 sacks over 4 games averages out to about 3 sacks/game. Considering that the Giants tend to dominate time of possession and therefore run more offensive plays, 13 is not necessarily a bad number.

    Then of course we ahve to look at the opponent. 4 sacks given up to Philadelphia. 4 sacks given up to Green Bay. There aren’t too many teams who can hold off those pass rushes for an entire game…

  6. James Trotta Says:

    The best blocks of the day came on Tiki Barber’s 52-yard touchdown run that tied the game at Green Bay. The Giants had a heavy formation with a motion man coming back to block at the point of attack off-tackle. Who-dat guard Jason Whittle had a perfect pancake block in the hole; who-dat tackle David Diehl not only knocked his man to the ground but then — in a move TMQ wishes more coaches would coach — jumped on top of his man so that he could not get back up. The ballcarrier was never touched. Note that this play came two snaps after Green Bay got its dramatic fourth-down touchdown; often a defense relaxes and gives up a big play immediately after the team has scored and appears to be in command. It’s pretty fun to run 52 yards for a touchdown in Titletown when everyone in front of you has already been knocked to the ground. from http://nfl.com/news/story/7769106

  7. Tom Says:

    You can’t seriously be pointing the the defenses of Philly and GB as badges of honor, or even excuses.

    Philly’s D ranks 17th overall. GB ranks 26th.

    Three sacks per game is good? So if your QB is sacked 48 times per year, that’s not a reason for concern?

    You’ve gone a little homer in defending this and you’re not making sense.

  8. James Trotta Says:

    No sacks would be better, but I think that rather than going Homer I’m going realistic. No sacks isn’t going to happen. And of course, I never said three sacks a game is good. The answer to your question “Three sacks per game is good?” would be “no”.

    And I think you have to admit that the more passing plays a team calls the more chances they have to give up sacks. I believe it was 3 sacks for 6 yards that we gave up against Dallas. Considering the number of pass plays, that’s OK (not good).

    Also I’m not sure I follow you logic about Philadelphia being the 17th ranked defense in the league when we’re talking sacks. If the Giants were the only team who gave up sacks against Philly, that would be an argument. Both Philly, and Green Bay came with blitzes so sacks sometimes happen and the offensive line doesn’t always have an opportunity to pick up a well-planned blitz. That doesn’t make them a bad line.