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Eli an average QB who is grossly overpaid?

This Forbes article puts Eli in some unsavory company. The author’s argument seems to be that:

1. Manning’s passer rating has averaged a pedestrian 17th in the NFL over the past three seasons, with one Pro Bowl selection

2. If not for Giant receiver David Tyree’s helmet catch on a desperation heave, Super Bowl XLII would have become just another feather in Tom Brady’s cap

I can’t be bothered to average the past 3 years but 2009 is easy enough:
Tom Brady = 28 TDS 13 INTS 4,398 YDS 96.2 Rating
Eli Manning = 27 TDS 14 INTS 4,021 YDS 93.1 Rating

And Tyree’s awesome catch was a damn good throw so why pick on that play? Pick on one of Eli’s mistakes maybe!

On the surface, the author looks like a total moron, even putting Eli among QBs that got similar money and performed less. Jamarcus Russell got 31 million over the last 3 years, Mark Bulger (31 mil) and Jay Cutler got 36.8 mil. Would the author rather build a franchise around one of those guys?

I’m not saying Manning is the best player in the NFL or even in the top 5 or 10. But I do think he’s a top 10 QB – can you name 10 better QBs? He might be slightly overpaid based on that but not based on being the face of a franchise. However, he’s certainly not one of the worst salaries in the league.

One Response to “Eli an average QB who is grossly overpaid?”

  1. Ron Gatto Says:

    First, I am a huge Giant fan and have been watching them for forty years. Eli is a good quarter back and nothing more at this time. He is really the one of the majors problems today that has dragged the team down to the point of losing games. He has problems with the basic throws 5 to 8 yards away, they are to hard, to high, to low, these passes he needs to make, and just can’t do it. And he is a little bit to dull in the pocket, not aware of whats around him. But i think one way he can sharpen up is to practice for a longer time then usual, here is why, if you notice, around the 4th qtr he settles down and starts to click making some great throws. He has the potential to be very good instead of just good. He needs to warm up real good and settle down before the first quarter. It might help. So Coach, come up with a new warm plan to settle Eli down, so the 1st qtr is like the 4th, and he should practice more on his short throws. RG NY