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Giants 2012 draft assessment

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Everyone is busy evaluating and grading the 2013 drafts even while they say it’s impossible to know anything before the new millionaires take an NFL snap. So while everyone is knowingly wasting their time with the 2013 draft, I thought I’d review the Giants 2012 draft.

NFL.com gave the Giants an A in the days immediately after the draft. All these great players are entering their second years in the league. Poised for greatness. Time to bet on Giants games right? Well, let’s see if the Giants really had an excellent 2012 draft.

1 – David Wilson, RB, Virginia Tech (5-10, 206)
2 – Rueben Randle, WR, Louisiana State (6-3, 210)
3 – Jayron Hosley, CB, Virginia Tech (5-10, 178)
4 – Adrien Robinson, TE, Cincinnati (6-4, 264)
4 – Brandon Mosley, OT, Auburn (6-6, 314)
6 – Matt McCants, OT, Alabama-Birmingham (6-6, 308)
7 – Markus Kuhn, DT, North Carolina State (6-5, 299)

David Wilson seems to have been a good pick. A little fumbilitis kept him off the field for some of 2012 but he was dynamic on kickoff returns (26.9 average per return) and some of his most exciting returns were called back due to penalties. He only had 71 carries, but averaged 5 yards per carry. If he stops fumbling – and his ball handling seems better, this guy is a keeper. Certainly fun to watch.

Rueben Randle seems to have been a decent pick. His stats in 2012 were OK – 19 catches for 298 yards and three touchdowns. He needs to run better routes, but if that comes with experience his size makes him a tough receiver for your average corner to cover.

Jayron Hosley is still a question mark. He played in 12 games with six starts, but missed four games with hamstring, shoulder, and quadriceps injuries. He also got dinged up in the preseason so can he stay healthy?

Adrien Robinson is still a question mark. He was active for two games in 2012 and never had a catch.

Brandon Mosley sat out 2012 with an ankle injury. We still don’t know if he can play NFL ball.

Matt McCants was a practice squad player in 2012. A project, he may not be ready for the big show just yet.

Markus Kuhn was a good pick. When a seventh rounder is an active part of your defensive tackle rotation his first year in the NFL, that’s nice. He played 10 games before tearing an ACL so hopefully he comes back strong. Good against the run. Still inexperienced so could improve a lot.

So basically, the Giants have two picks that were obviously good ones: Wilson and Kuhn. Kuhn is gold in the 7th round. A first round running back should be good so no extra points there. Randle was probably a good pick, but your second rounder should be good too so no extra points. All the other picks are still unknowns at this point. I give the Giants a B for 2012. What’s your grade for the Giants 2012 draft?

Justin Pugh’s agent, Andy Ross

Monday, May 6th, 2013

Interesting article here about agent Andy Ross and draft day. They talk about Justin Pugh, one of Ross’ clients and how the draft went down from Ross’ perspective. They start with some background and then how he told Pugh to be ready for the first round and to be ready to drop.

“Ross has established a track record for pushing players into the first round — starting with Brown, continuing with Hood, and most recently this April again along the offensive line with Pugh.”

So they make it sound like the Giants chose Pugh because his agent did something special. What exactly did he do? Well, nothing during the draft:

“He’s barely on the edge of his couch, scanning from notes to cell phone to Tweetdeck to Excel. “OK, Giants, c’mon!” he yells, realizing that looking over all the data in front of him isn’t going to change a damn thing about the next 10 minutes.”

But before the draft he does PR and sends Pugh to get in shape at CES Performance and Trigger Point Therapy.

One interesting comment is that the Giants told Ross, they were looking at Pugh as a possibility at #19. I wonder why they mention that to the agent. And I like the following quote from Pugh: “Throughout the whole process, Andy said ‘Trust me and we’ll get you into that first round.’ I saw what he did with Duane Brown and Ziggy Hood, and it’s happened again with me. I couldn’t be happier with my selection of Octagon. I was set up perfectly.”

We think we have the personnel to beat those guys

Sunday, January 27th, 2013

Jerry Reese said of the Redskins and other college-like offenses: we think we have the personnel to beat those guys.

Last time I saw the Giants play the Redskins, RG3 and Alfred Morris gashed the Giants in the running game and it was ugly to watch. Do you agree with Reese or do the Giants need to get a different kind of player than what they currently have on the roster in order to handle some of these running games?

Reese says the draft strategy does not change at all. I wonder about that.

First 3 rounds of the 2012 NFL draft

Friday, April 27th, 2012

Seems the Giants offense is going to be a little more exciting to watch next season.

In round 1, the Giants went with the 2nd best running back in the draft, HB David Wilson, Virginia Tech. This guy is fast an explosive, and should give the Giants some insurance with Bradshaw’s injury concerns, the departure of Brandon Jacobs, and the unproven guys we have waiting. Wilson is unproven too, of course, but he has the tools to become great. Should be fun to watch in blue.

In round 2, the Giants went with another offensive skill player, WR Reuben Randle out of LSU. Despite a weird offense with a mediocre QB in college, Randle has proven he can make big plays. Marc Ross says he is ready to play in the NFL:

With receivers a lot it gets overblown with 40 times and this and that, you get guys that are NFL-ready. And what I mean by that is this guy is strong, he can catch the ball, he’s a good route runner and he’s position-savvy, he knows how to get open. To me, those are the successful receivers in the NFL.

After going RB and WR in rounds 1 and 2, the Giants went for a deensive skill position in round 3, a CB from Virginia Tech. Something of a surprise pick since he failed a test for marijuana at the combine. But the giants have shown they are willing to draft guys with ‘character concerns’ if they are football players. Think Mario Manningham. Also, he is a bit smaller than the CBs the Giants have been drafting recently – maybe they have him pegged as a guy who can cover small, shifty slot receivers?

Sport Science: Jayron Hosley

Marvin Austin = NY Giants second round pick

Friday, April 29th, 2011

A talented defensive tackle with character concerns that don’t sound all that terrible in this article. Austin was considered a first round talent last year before missing out on football this year.

Anyway, if he turns out to be an impact player this could mean the end of Barry Cofield in blue. Cofield has been a real rock on the defensive line and if he does depart New York he will be missed but the Giants are smart to get ready for it with the best talent available when they made their pick.

NY football Giants draft Prince Amukamara pick 19 round 1

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

So the first round of the 2011 NFL draft worked out rather well for the Giants I’d say as they ended up with Prince Amukamara – a cool name for an exciting player at an impact position. Unless he moves to safety where some say he’s better off because quick receivers can get separation.

I’m a big fan of drafting corners in the first round because you rarely find good ones via free agency. If you do, they often break the bank. So the position is solid. And the player?

The guys on NFL Network love the pick. They’re calling him a top 10 talent and the best value pick. So we get value at an impact position that you pretty much have to draft? Sounds pretty good.

Prince Amukamara wore #21 for Nebraska. What number will he wear for the Giants?

Some youtube videos, the flattering:

The NOT so flattering:

Most interesting thing in the draft so far (13 picks in)

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

The lions grabbing Nick Fairley should give them an awesome interior defensive line (paired with Suh). That might be fun for Detroit fans though it will be along time before you hear me say I’m jealous of Detroit fans.

Interesting to speculate on who is left for the Giants but mock drafts and experts always lose a lot of accuracy after the first few picks so we should start seeing more “suprises”.

Announce the Giants 4th round pick

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

Feel like announcing the Giants 4th round pick? Enter this contest on Giants.com.

Cowboys 2010 draft board (Giants players / draft picks)

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

The Cowboys leaked their draft board last year too but their board from 2010 is still pretty interesting even if we wonder what their intentions are.

How the Giants picks rated on the Cowboys draft board. 1st number is round, second is spot in that round.

Jason Pierre-Paul – Ranked 1-16
Linval Joseph – Ranked 4-13
Chad Jones – Ranked 3-8
Phillip Dillard – Unlisted (could be one owe can’t see)
Mitch Petrus – 4-18
Adrian Tracy and Mitch Dodge are not shown

The only big discrepancy here seems to be Linval Joseph. Let’s hope we’re right and they’re wrong!

Giants looking for linebackers in the later rounds

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

The Giants haven’t had a ton of success drafting linebackers recently although I have to confess that there is still hope for a few of them (Wilkinson, Goff, and DeOssie come to mind).

LB Phillip Dillard (Nebraska). Reese and Ross say he will compete for the MIKE spot. 6′ and 245 pounds and they say he is instinctive and can cover. Interestingly the Giants talked about him in the 3rd:

We actually talked about him at three (third round) and there was some good discussion about it. We thought there was a chance that he’d be available and that Chad wouldn’t be, so we decided to go that route and hold our breath, and we got him. It was a restless night’s sleep but it was worth it.

It sounds like this guy is a real student of the game, hopefully enough to QB the defense.

OG Mitch Petrus (Arkansas) repped 225 45 times at the combine but is considered (according to some scouting reporsts) more of a finesses player than a mauler. Jerry Reese used the term vicious – sounds like the Giants see him as more of a mauler than a finesse guy. He is said to be a good puller, good at blocking guys on the second level.

LB Adrian Tracy (William & Mary) is going to convert from DE where he played in college to SAM. The Giants seem to see him as a pass rusher first, which sounds a lot like Sintim to me. Reese compared him to Reggie Torbor but let’s hope Reese is right that this guy can be better.

P Matt Dodge (East Carolina) is a pick that might make a lot of Giants fans happy: he can punt and he can kickoff. In 2009 Dodge averaged 45.8 yards per punt (2nd in the nation). 24 kicks downed inside the 20-yard line, 61.6 yards average kickoff with six touchbacks. Not sure how well that speaks of his NFL kickoff potential…