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Archive for the ‘Giants coaches’ Category

Why are the Giants killed by injuries every year?

Thursday, November 16th, 2006

Here’s a Daily News article that gives an overview of the Giants injury situation in Fassel’s final year and in Coughlin’s reign. Clearly Coughlin hasn’t eliminated injuries like he said he would but the bigger question is what can be done? One doctor in the article says the Giants need a better field and more yoga / pilates.

The Giants say there’s nothing more they can do; they’ve studied it from every angle but it’s just plain bad luck. Every year.

I would like to see a comparison. They tell us how many Giants go on IR, but let’s compare that to other teams or to the league average.

Tim Lewis speaks on Giants defensive problems

Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

Here’s the text of Tim Lewis’ conversation with reporters. He knows the problems – let’s hope that’s half the battle.

He says we’re blitzing just under 40% of the time. I don’t see it, but maybe he’s counting some 4 man rushes as blitzes. For example, when he drops Strahan into coverage and brings a linebacker instead. He also says Arrington is blitzing more often than I would have thought. I thought he was invisible because he was lost in coverage. If he was actually trying to blitz and getting nothing done, it might be time to try someone else at linebacker.

Anyway, if you go to Giants.com you can get videos or transcripts of interviews with the various Giants coaches.

Who to blame for the Giants being crushed by the Seahawks?

Tuesday, September 26th, 2006

Here’s a Seattle game recap that reminds us Seattle had their way with the Giants. Our defensive ends did nothing; Osi’s big game against Walter Jones last season was a fluke.

Eli gets the blame for the Giants offensive struggles, although some people are blaming Plaxico Burress. Coughlin said Plax was playing hurt, and Plax is owning up to his mistakes. Let’s hope he keeps his promise: “I chose to go out there and play and that was the outcome of the way I played,” he said. “You best believe that when I come back in two weeks I’ll be ready.”

On defense, I already mentioned our defensive ends not showing up for the game. Tim Lewis also gets some blame. This article outlines some of the Giants problems on defense. It’s about Tim Lewis getting fired from the Steelers. Seems he had the same problems then:

Lewis, however, mostly utilized a three- or four-man pass rush, preferring to stay in two-deep zone coverages – often called cover-2 – to minimize the risk of long pass completions.

Lewis decided to be more conservative on defense after the Steelers chose not to replace either of their starting cornerbacks, Dewayne Washington and Chad Scott, after they had below-average seasons in 2002. But by protecting them, the Steelers had far fewer sacks – 35, down from 50 a season ago – and far fewer disruptive plays by their defense.

The cover-2 schemes also left the middle of the field exposed to running plays up the middle and to short pass routes.

I’m no defensive coordinator, but I will say that we need to bench Arrington or blitz him because he is useless in coverage. And do something about the middle of the field. Guys are supposed to be scared to go over the middle but Giants’ opponents are probably begging their coaches to let them go over the middle against us. That’s not the Giants defense we know and love.

The Giants need to make some changes

Monday, September 25th, 2006

“It wasn’t good,” Kubiak said of the Texans defense. “We’ll have to take a hard look at what we’re doing, how we’re doing it and who we’re doing it with. We’ve got a long way to go.”

Let’s hope that the Giants are taking an equally hard look at their defense. I know the Seahawks are better than the Redskins, but giving up 35 points in the first half is inexcusable.

Of course the NFL is a strange place. The Giants end up scoring 27 unaswered points in the 4th. They almost made a game out of it.

“Sometimes you’re going to bend. And the important thing is not to break,” Jets coach Eric Mangini said of his defense. “Obviously, we want to improve on the bending part.” The Giants need to bend and break less in the first half. It looked (same as last week actually) like no one wanted to play football until after the half.

Clearly the Giants can play. Clearly we do have some talent. That’s not enough unless we can solve the riddle of the past two weeks and put together 4 quarters of good football. At least Tom Coughlin is angry now during his press conference. He has to make some changes.

Mike Sullivan talks Giants receivers

Saturday, August 12th, 2006

Here’s a good article on Mike Sullivan talking about Giants receivers. Hopefully we’ll see them shine in the ravens game in a few hours!

Giants D set to rush the passer

Sunday, June 18th, 2006

The Giants seem to have a solid defense. In some ways their set up like the Colts – they ahve an offense that can put points on the board which pressures opponents to pass.

With Strahan, Osi, Arrington and a few other pass rushers that can come in on obvious passing situations (Tuck comes to mind and possibly Kiwi) the Giants should be able to come up with the occasional big play.

The real question is what the secondary can do. We have to hope that Webster and Madison will make some interceptions on poorly thrown balls (there should be a few since we’ll be getting pressure on the QB). And since we’ll probably see RW McQuarters and Deloatch on the fiel in nickle and dime situations we have to hope they hold their own as well. Finally since depth is limited, we need our CBs to stay healthy.

Vinny DiTrani wries about the Giants D, which Tim Lewis says will be “funky”. Better still:

“When I watch clips of the old Giants’ defenses, with Lawrence Taylor yelling and screaming up and down the sidelines, they were such a swarming group,” he said. “Very few people got up and down the field on them. I’d like to see us play like that, play smart, play aggressive, play fast. I think we’re good enough to dominate, but we’ll find out.”

Giants.com doesn’t share my concern with the Giants CBs. Well, I agree that madison is a good fit for our defense but I did like Will Allen’s tackling. Anyway, our safety pair of Wilson and Demps should be hard hitting and strong vs. the run. I’m not positive they’ll be excellent against the pass, but few safeties are these days.

Coughlin thinks the Giants will be good

Saturday, June 10th, 2006

On Tiki Barber, Coughlin says, “We tell him he’s 25,” Coughlin said. “That way he doesn’t realize how old he is.” Who knew Coughlin had a sense of humor. Here’s a nice article on why he’s optimistic about next season.

For those of you with ESPN Insider there’s an article on Will Peterson possibly making a comeback in 2007. He won’t get surgery on his back but may somehow be able to strengthen the lower back. I doubt he’ll be coming back as a Giant though…

The blame game

Tuesday, January 10th, 2006

Bob Glauber heaps lots of criticism on the Giants, particularly on the offensive game plan:

Take one play in the third quarter, when the Giants had a second-and-7 at the Panthers’ 40. The Giants lined up three receivers to the right, which presents a challenge to the defense: Is it a pass play with so many receivers lined up to one side of the formation? Or will the Giants pull off the unexpected and try a run?

With the Giants, there really is nothing unexpected with this formation; they always run out of it.

Panthers coach John Fox, the former Giants defensive genius, knew it, so he didn’t worry about a pass. Instead, he blitzed strong safety Marlon McCree, who made the tackle and limited Barber to a 1-yard gain.

Another tactical blunder: The Giants didn’t go to a quick snap count often enough, which Barber contends would have helped the running game and, by extension, the passing game, because Manning wouldn’t have been forced into so many must-throw situations. Instead, the Panthers countered by keeping an extra player – usually McCree – in the tackle box closer to the line of scrimmage.

Now you don’t blame the coaches for everything, some credit goes to Carolina for wrapping up Tiki like the Chiefs never could. Plenty of blame goes to Eli Manning and his lack of accuracy, the offensive line for getting beaten, Burress for not showing up, etc.

But you expect your coaches to outsmart the other guys. You hate to see the Giants embarassed, even partially, due to coaching blunders.

Giants coaches scouting Giants schemes

Friday, October 7th, 2005

An interesting article from Mike Garafolo about how the Giants coaches are scouting their own team to see what scouts on opposing teams are looking for and correct any issues.

Coaches or players

Wednesday, September 28th, 2005

Ernie Palladino addreses the Giants defense without answering the big question about who to blame, the Giants coackes of the players:

Now the question heading into next week’s game against St. Louis revolves around the true quality of the Giants’ run-stopping ability. They may well have just run into an isolated buzz saw in Tomlinson made worse by a faulty defensive game plan, about which at least one player complained privately. Or, perhaps the first two games were a mirage after all, and shutting down the likes of Steven Jackson and Dallas’ Julius Jones the next two games will be just as difficult.