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Where did Odell Beckham Jr get drafted in your fantasy football league?

Tuesday, September 15th, 2015

I wanted to draft Odell Beckham Jr. I am a Giants fan. There are a few other Giants you could have on your team and not be ashamed of. Eli Manning as a backup QB maybe. Maybe a few others in a 12 team league.

Anyway, it would be nice to have the good Giant on my fantasy team so I wanted Beckham. I’m in two 10 team fantasy leagues. Here’s how the drafts played out:

Round 1
1. Adrian Peterson (Min – RB)
2. Antonio Brown (Pit – WR)
3. Marshawn Lynch (Sea – RB)
4. Jamaal Charles(KC – RB)
5. Rob Gronkowski (NE – TE)
6. Le’Veon Bell (Pit – RB)
7. Eddie Lacy (GB – RB)
8. Dez Bryant (Dal – WR)
9. Matt Forte (Chi – RB)
10. Odell Beckham Jr. (NYG – WR)

Round 2
1. Demaryius Thomas (Den – WR)
2. Julio Jones (Atl – WR)

I thought I’d grab Forte at 9. Then Jones and Thomas would go. Then I’d get Beckham. Well you can see what happened. I ended up with Julio Jones who I think will be the #2 fantasy receiver this year at pick 12. I can understand why someone drafted Antonio Brown ahead of Julio Jones, but not any of the other guys. Especially Beckham. I mean look at Keenan Allen’s sophomore slump last year.

BTW it’s nice to see the Gronk homer grabbing a tight end at 5. I mean drafting tight ends is tricky, but 5 is a reach for Gronk. In this league I lucked into Jimmy Graham in the third round. In my other league, tight end is gonna be an issue for me.

Here’s the other draft:

1. Adrian Peterson (Min – RB)
2. Eddie Lacy (GB – RB)
3. Rob Gronkowski (NE – TE)
4. Marshawn Lynch (Sea – RB)
5. Jamaal Charles (KC – RB)
6. Antonio Brown (Pit – WR)
7. Le’Veon Bell (Pit – RB)
8. Dez Bryant (Dal – WR)
9. Julio Jones (Atl – WR)
10. DeMarco Murray (Phi – RB)

Round 2
1. Matt Forte (Chi – RB)
2. Demaryius Thomas (Den – WR)
3. Odell Beckham Jr. (NYG – WR)
4. Jeremy Hill (Cin – RB)
5. Andrew Luck (Ind – QB)

Again I barely miss Beckham. This draft is more sensible in a way – Julio Jones goes before Beckham at least. As usual there’s a Gronk homer making things weird but whatever.

Giants in fantasy football 2009

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

We have some known fantasy commodities like Brandon Jacobs and Eli Manning.

What about a guy like Domenik Hixon. He’s likely to be our #1 receiver next year. What about Hakeem Nicks? He has a good shot at seeing playing time even as a rookie. Steve Smith is likely to be our #2 receiver. Ahmad Bradshaw is likely to spell Brandon Jacobs. Any of these guys in the later rounds could be a good pick.

Giants’ units ranked

Thursday, June 8th, 2006

These rankings are based on fantasy football stuff.

The linebackers are ranked 7th in the NFL, best in the NFC East. I think this is a fair ranking though I hope we end up better (which we will if Arrington plays the way we hope he will).

The defensive line is ranked 9th with Strahan and Osi obviously leading the charge. Some nice things said about William Joseph as well. I agree with this ranking. It’s tru that we don’t know who will play nose tackle, but we have several possibilities.

Tight ends are ranked 11th behind Washington and Dallas. In fantasy terms this makes sense because Dallas will be using two tight end sets (with Owens and Glenn that’s a potent offense) and Cooley is a go-to-guy for the Redskins.

The Giants’ receivers being ranked 19th is lunacy. The Chargers, Dolphins, and Titams are all ranked higher. Oh and even the Vikings?

Ranking the Giants running backs at number 16 is even crazier.

The Giants QBs at number 15? I don’t understand. Seriously if you were a fantasy owner would you be looking at the Redskins before the Giants?

Fantasy Football Preview: Where To Get Your G-Men

Tuesday, May 9th, 2006

Fantasy football draft is one of the best times of the year for the fan who likes to show off his skills at being a general manager, or something like that at least. The most integral part in having a winning team, for the most part, is to have a good draft. It may seem tempting to take Giants players with early picks in a honorable act of being a homer, but the smart thing to do is to take the best players available. This guide will tell you where to take your favorite Giant fantasy studs.

Tiki Barber

Manning and the Giants D in fantasy football

Friday, January 28th, 2005

This fantasy football analysis notes that Manning should be a good fantasy pick because the NFC East is going up against some bad defenses.

He also calls the Giants pass defense “toothless”:

– Anquan Boldin, Cardinals. The true test of a schedule’s teeth is examining the five out-of-division road games. Next season the Cardinals visit the Cowboys, Giants, Texans, Colts and Lions, all of which ranked 19th or worse against the pass in 2004. In a word: toothless.

Manning’s fantasy value

Tuesday, November 16th, 2004

Peyton might be setting the fantasy leagues on fire, but the suggestion here is not to start Eli. Of course this is more an indictment of the Giants passing game overall (receivers and line) than Manning himself. For more questions about Manning and the Giants passing game, see my previous post.

Avoid Shockey in fantasy football?

Thursday, September 2nd, 2004

I don’t write much about fantasy footabll, but when I saw this advice about not picking Shockeye because he’ll never stay healthy I just had to link to it. And hope it’s completely wrong, but we’ll see.

What do fantasy footballers say about the Giants?

Friday, July 16th, 2004

I’ve been thinking about joining a fantasy football league so when I saw this fantasy football mock draft, I was pretty interested. The first round is all running backs, but Tiki Barber doesn’t get picked until the second round. Considering that he’s asking for a lighter workload, that certainly makes sense from a fantasy perspective. If he goes back to being a third down back he’ll see fewer carries and that’ll mean fewer yards. Plus if someone else becomes the short yardage back we might see fewer touchdowns from Tiki.

It’s hard to say where Shockey will be drafted because of his foot. No one knows if he’ll play every game at full strength… In this mock draft Tony Gonzalez is the first tight end taken and that’s in the fifth round. I expect that Toomer will be drafted before the seventh in many leagues, but in this mock draft that’s where he ends up.

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