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Bill Polian claims new unsportsman like rule puts a target on Beckham

On Late Hits last night, Polian said many people were worried that this unsportsmanlike conduct rule would create targets on players. A guy who received such a penalty would become a target for the other team to goad/aggravate so that player would get tossed from the game.

No question there is a target on Beckham’s back and he said the officials are overreacting to stuff. He referred also to San Diego’s game Sunday in which Phillip Rivers received an unsportsmanlike penalty near the end of the game for basically nothing. He said this is NOT HIGH SCHOOL football…this is the NFL and fans pay good money to see the best players like Beckham and Rivers and it is ridiculous what is happening now.

On Monday night, Polian said first there should have been a flag on Rhodes for his late hit on Beckham out of bounds. Second, Beckham was complaining about that not being unsportsmanlike. He also said the official who threw the flag, some young guy, was 30 yards away. They mentioned his name, Hochey or something like that, but Polian wondered how that official could determine that OBJ was being unsportsmanlike from 30 yards away. He said had the official near the play thrown the flag against Rhodes, nothing further would have happened. He also said that from then on the Vikings did everything they could to goad OBJ and get him tossed from the game. Polian said, going forward, this is a real problem for the NFL. What if this happens in a playoff game or key regular season game? Basically, it is a stupid rule and redundant as the officials already have the ability to toss a player for flagrant fouls or other types of behaviour. And they don’t have to give a warning, so to speak, when they do so.

On the game, Polian said this was a game that Giants’ fans should NOT get their shorts in a knot. He said it was an extremely tough environment as the new stadium in Minny is incredibly loud and the Giants weren’t used to it. He said the Giants are much better on D this year and will be even better when they get everyone back. Just like us, Polian noted the key issues…offensive line and tight end. He also said the Giants are much better with Darkwa running the ball, with Perkins and Rainey as 3rd down guys. He said Perkins still has to learn how to block but he has big play ability.

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