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Archive for October, 2009

A few interesting quotes from Reese

Friday, October 30th, 2009

What I think is most interesting is that he acknowledges Eli Manning’s bad performance: “He didn’t play his best game this past weekend or the past couple of weekends,” Reese said.

But he says CC Brown is doing real well: “It sounds like everybody’s giving C.C. Brown a hard time. He’s come in and really done an admirable job for us.”

Perhaps we fans who criticized Brown may need to reconsider since Reese surely knows more than we do. But I guess we can keep citicizing Manning until he picks up his game.

The Giants need to pick it up a notch or two

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

This article has a very optimistic headline: NY Giants coach Tom Coughlin anticipates another close, exciting game against Philadelphia Eagles

I just hope the Giants we think we have show up. Not the Giants we’ve seen the past 2 weeks.

Cardinals beat Giants who fall to 5-2

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

The score was 24-17. Time of posession was about the same. Number of first downs was the same. The Giants gained more yards. Each team lost a fumble.

Yet the game wasn’t that close, probably because of the Giants 3 interceptions. Our franchise QB only managed a 47.5 passer rating. Now I’m not saying it’s all on Eli, but come on dude. If you’re a franchise QB taking up a huge chunk of your team’s salary cap you gotta play well every game.

I still appreciate the Super Bowl win, but today’s performance reminded me more of the egg Eli laid against Philly last year in our early exit from the playoffs.

We play Philly next week and it would be nice if Eli contributes something…

But like I said it’s not all on Eli. You’ve got Jacobs averaging almost 6 yards per carry and you only give him the ball 13 times? WTF? And on 3rd and short you go for the bomb? This is becoming pretty predictable actually. Doesn’t it seem like we always throw a hail-mary like pass on 3rd and short?

Manningham hurt with the drops, true. Receivers didn’t get open like they should have, sure. Lots of things went wrong besides Manning but Manning is the one who makes the big bucks, not Manningham. I don’t expect equal contributions from both those guys.

A couple of Tom Rock articles on the Giants

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

Tom Rock at Newsday say the Giants might bounce back. I think we need him to be right. The Giants can’t play like crap for the rest of the season so they must bounce back.

Although the Giants defense is still getting abused.

Giants embarassingly demolished by Saints

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

Sheridan and the Giants defense got toasted. Sheridan seemed to have no answers. No pass rush and no coverage is a bad combination – you generally need one or the other. Otherwise you give up 500 yards like the Giants did to the Saints.

I’ve said several times before after bad defensive efforts that this is the one thing I can’t stand as a Giants fan. I love defense, grew up watching LT, and it just hurts me to watch our defense get outclassed to the point of being humiliated.

I asked yesterday if we’d miss Boley and Phillips. Yeah we missed them and looked awfully slow.

I asked if Manning could carry his team. Not today he couldn’t. Pretty bad game when the Giants needed an MVP effort against one of the better teams in the NFL.

And this will sound silly because the Giants were clearly outplayed but man the refs sucked. Why we do we have to watch the Giants get abused by the Saints and the zebras?

A nice test for the Giants

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

Unlike the past few weeks, the Giants will probably have to fight to beat the Saints. Their offense is very good and the Giants defense will be tested. Will our lack of speed at linebacker be exposed? With Boley out the Saints ought to try to go over the middle. Not having Kenny Phillips hurts our ability to take care of receivers going through the middle as well. And you know Jeremy Shockey wants to have a big game – who’s gonna cover him?

On offense, I predict a big day for the Giants. The Saints have talent on defense to be sure but how much? They haven’t been tested by an elite QB yet. Can Eli Manning beat the Saints?

I think he can but it’s no sure thing so this will be an exciting game today!

Steve Smith or Dwayne Jarett

Friday, October 16th, 2009

Why do the Panthers have only one Steve Smith? Because they passed over the Giants Steve Smith in the 2007 draft to take Dwayne Jarrett.

In hindsight, an obvious mistake but I remember some draft articles back in 2007 saying that the Giants got the better USC receiver.

Well I say it’s an obvious mistake. Some Panthers fans are saying Jarrett is fine and they have a QB problem instead. Could be a Jarrett not as good as our Steve Smith problem and a QB problem…

Giants destroy Raiders

Monday, October 12th, 2009

The Giants outplayed the Raiders to the point where it’s hard to comment on individual players. Everyone seemed to beat their guy. Most Giants starters got to rest in the second half so their stats aren’t going to shock anyone (with the possible exception of Manning’s perfect QB rating).

Hakeem Nicks got involved and that was great to see. Bradshaw looked all-world. Jacobs ran for a much smaller average – you have to wonder if he’s going to break out and start seeing the results he had last year or what.

Interesting to see the Giants inactives

Sunday, October 11th, 2009

Reports say Eli is starting. Nice. The following Giants are inactive for today’s game vs. the Raiders:

Ramses Barden
Danny Ware
Kevin Boss
Adam Koets
Chris Canty
Aaron Ross
Michael Boley
Bryan Kehl

So it seems Hixon will play. That’s cool. And Moss. That’s not so cool unless the guy finally does something to warrant a 2nd round pick.

We might see Clint Sintim in action finally. Maybe a bit of Travis Beckum as well.

A bit of Redskins drama

Friday, October 9th, 2009

Hopefully we beat the Raiders like we should and avoid any Giants drama so here is some nice Redskins drama for you: John Riggins talking about his former “Washington NFL franchise” and their new consultant, Sherm Lewis.

“I’m not sure this is the way to run a big-time professional franchise…”