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Archive for January, 2008

Giants running game

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

Here’s an article on the Giants run game. It focuses on Jacobs and Bradshaw for the most part and while those guys are exciting, success in the run game is really going to come from the offensive line, the tight end, and Madison Hedgecock.

Hedgecock will be especially important because the Patriots linebackers are good at shedding blocks.

The predictions are piling up

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

Pat Kirwan seems to have put some thought into this article on the Giants vs. Patriots Super Bowl. He ends up picking the wrong team, so his thoughts led him in the wrong direction though…

Fighting for every yard

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

Giants receivers coach Mike Sullivan knows Lt. Col. Gregory Gadson, the Giants honorary captain from when they played together at West Point. Here’s a story about how one soldier has inspired the Giants.

Will the Giants win with special teams or from creating turnovers?

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

Here’s an article comparing Spag’s current situation with Bill Belechik’s back in 1990. I guess I hope the Gints keep their defensive coordinator but my more immediate concern is the Giants defense controlling the Patriots offense.

I don’t expect us tp shut them out but if we can slow them down some and force a turnover or two we should be in good shape.

This article does a nice job explaining some of the key maychups in the Super Bowl but concludes that the Giants have to win the game with special teams since the best our offense can do is play even with the pats defense and the best our defense can do is play even with the Pats offense.

I don’t really like our chances if we have to win on special teams. I do like our chances if we win the turnover battle.

Strahan on the Super Bowl

Monday, January 28th, 2008

This Newsday article has a lot of Strahan quotes on the Super Bowl. As the second oldest guy on the team, and as a guy who has been to a Super Bowl before, it is his job to talk to younger Giants about the big game.

Corey Webster emerging as a solid CB for the Giants

Sunday, January 27th, 2008

Every corner gets beat. Some get beat less often and some make interceptions once in a while. Corey Webster is turning into one of the ones who doesn’t get beat often and who sometimes helps the Giants win the turnover battle.

This article talks about Webster. I wish it would get into more detail, like who he will line up against when we play the Patriots because the Giants secondary vs. the Patriots receivers is going to be huge.

Sometimes the Patriots hardly run the ball (defying conventional wisdom) and use short passes to keep the chains moving. And then they are more than willing to take shots down the field. I don’t have much confidence in our safeties so it really is CBs like Webster, Madison, McQuarters, Ross, and maybe Dockery who are going to have to defend well against both the bombs and the quick passes.

Obviously the Giants linebackers will have to do their part in the short passing game as well, but that’s another story…

Will the Giants run on the Patriots?

Saturday, January 26th, 2008

This article on Brandon Jacobs and Vince Wilfork doesn’t get into the real question – can the Giants run on the Patriots?

Jacobs did a good job getting positive yardage on first and second down when the Giants and Patriots played a few weeks ago. He had a few real nice runs, running over Rodney Harrison on one play and jumping over him on another. Bill Belechik might have a better plan for stopping Jacobs this time around. They don’t call the guy brilliant for nothing.

What the Giants didn’t have in that game was Ahmad Bradshaw and this guy has proven to be a good runner.

I like the Giants chances in the super bowl. If they can run the ball then the game could be decided by turnovers (assuming New England’s offense is succesful). Our corners can catch (anyone miss Will Allen?) and our offensive guys usually hold onto the ball.

Seubert to play and NFL network (old news)

Friday, January 25th, 2008

Seubert should play in the Super Bowl. How can you not root for that guy? And considering that he has so much heart and determination (and his number is 69), I’m surprised you don’t see more people wearing Seubert jerseys.

Well more football talk later. This is a story I didn’t talk about back when it was timely but I wanted to revisit it now. I think it is the NFL’s second biggest problem (the biggest problem is the ridiculously crappy officiating).

Toward the end of the regular season, people were complaining about the Giants Patriots games only being available on the NFL network. Interstingly, Patriots fans have their own owner to blame: “…fans should be less angry at the cable companies and direct their ire at Patriots owner Bob Kraft, who was on the committee that formed The NFL Network.”

That game, according to the article, was to be shown on “The NFL Network (with the exception of the Boston market, where it will also be broadcast on Channel 5).” The exception would also include New York though.

Eventually they decided to put it on NBC and CBS. Thanks to that decision, John Kerry didn’t have to launch his “hearings on how the emergence of premium sports channels are impacting the consumer.”

Can we count on Tynes in the Super Bowl?

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

The Giants kicking game has had some trouble this year and had some trouble in Green Bay. Alford hasn’t been the best snapper and Tynes has been even more inconsistent. Interestingly, he is still confident enough to hace made up Coughlin’s mind about what to do in over time by running out onto the field before Coughlin called for a field goal attempt.

Energizing the fan base

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

Mara said that one of the best things about this season was getting Giants fans more enthusiastic. Well hell yeah! Going to the superbowl is pretty exciting!