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Archive for July, 2007

Giants training camp brings plenty of articles

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

We can expect the Giants secondary to be more exciting this year. That means more physical according to Arthur Staple.

We might also expect Tuck to be back and healthy this season according to Vinny DiTriani. However, I’m not sure I can trust aguy who says Strahan is a pass-rush specialist at this point in his career. Sure Strahan is old, but he still plays the run.

At the end of DiTriani’s article, he does have some stuff from training camp. SI.com has Don Banks postcard from camp, which doesn’t actually talk much about what’s happening in camp.

Here’s an interesting Garafolo article on Eli Manning’s progress at camp. Of course every year so far we’ve heard of great progress but somehow it doesn’t last to the end of the season…

Barbara Barker manages to write a whole article on Manning without actually saying much. Supposedly the article is about his leadership…

John Branch also talks about leadership in an article that seems more substantial.

Strahan not in camp, possibly retiring, possibly looking for more money

Sunday, July 29th, 2007

Apparently Strahan is not in camp.

Lots of Giants fans joked about his divorce proceedings, saying that now he’d have to play and play hard since he can’t afford to retire. The fans may have been wrong since reports are that Strahan might retire.

However, there is also speculation that this might be a ploy to get more money for playing. Considering his recent injury history, I don’t see more money coming.

“Last night I talked to his agent, about 7 last night, and his agent said to me that he was contemplating retiring,” said General Manager Jerry Reese. “So that is all I know right now. We have not spoken to him. We will put him on Reserve/Did-Not-Report-to-Camp, so that is what we will do with him for now. Until we get more details, that is really all I can tell you guys.”

Steve Serby is critical, while Palladino adds Strahan to a list of question marks.

For now, William Joseph is at LDE according to the New York Times.

Is this Tom Coughlin’s last year with the Giants?

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

Paul Schwartz writes about Coughlin’s personality and concludes that it has to change.

Jay Greenburg writes that Coughlin is so unpopular because the Giants will be lucky to go 8-8 this season. I think he’s an idiot.

Really, what both writers need to realize is that this season depends on our new defensive scheme working and to a lesser extent, better play calling from our new offensive coordinator.

When I think back to last season I remember a soft defense that didn’t stop the opponents when it counted. If that changes, I suspect most Giants fans will be happy (we’ll be wathing a tough, aggressive D and we’ll win some games).

The other thing I remember are poor throws from Eli that should have been running plays in the first place. How many times did we see this offensive progression: nice run, nice run (1st down), nice run, nice run (1st down), bad pass, bad pass, bad pass, punt.

I know I was scremaing something like “Keep running the ball – they can’t stop the run” but the other team never had to stop the run because our brilliant offensive mastermind would stop it for them by calling for pass plays.

So really, will Coughlin look good this season? If he has a good defense and decent offensive play calling then yes. If you beleive it has something to do with his personality, go give Jay Greenburg a back rub.