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Archive for April, 2007

Why the Giants didn’t trade down while the Cowboys did

Monday, April 30th, 2007

Basically, the Cowboys were the Browns last chance so they had to give up a lot more than they wanted to. Here’s the article. Still, you have to hate that the Cowboys might have gotten a good pick from the Browns – who thinks it’ll be a top ten?

Kiwanuka moving to SAM

Monday, April 30th, 2007

Last year’s #1, Matthias Kiwanuka, is going to have a try at playing SAM. Kawika Mitchell, who I assumed would play SAM, will compete with Wilkinson at WILL. Obviously Pierce will play in the middle.

SAM = Mathias Kiwanuka / Zak DeOssie / Reggie Torbor
MLB = Antonio Pierce / Chase Blackburn
WLB = Gerris Wilkinson / Kawika Mitchell

I’m beginning to think that things aren’t looking good for Torbor. His strength was rushing the passer but Kiwi should be as good or better doing that.

Giants 5th round pick = Kevin Boss, big TE

Monday, April 30th, 2007

Kevin Boss is another sweet pick at a huge position of need for the Giants. NFL.com has a long list of positives. He’s got the hands of a basketball player, he’s a workout warrior. Newerascouting also says nice things.

This guy had better be as good as the reports say he can be – he’ll probably be our second tight end and see significant playing time behind Shockey.

Is it wrong for the 4th pick to excite me more than the first 3?

Monday, April 30th, 2007

LB Zak DeOssie (Brown) is an awesome pick. He should be good on specials (wedge buster) and might be our future longsnapper. And there’s every reason to believe he can play linebacker in the NFL. He’s 6’5″, 250 lbs, and he plays fast. His dad was a linebacker (and long snapper) and played for a few teams including the Giants.

His NFL.com profile is kind of funny because it lists one of his negatives as not being able to fight through double teams. If our linebackers are getting double teamed, something is seriously wrong so that should be a non-issue. He interviews well.

Giants 2007 day 1 draft articles

Sunday, April 29th, 2007

Kevin Gleason’s article says that Ross might be good but that ultimately the Giants screwed up by not taking a linebacker or a left tackle. I think he’s an idiot. Show me a left tackle who was available at #20 who can come in and start at a higher level than David Diehl. There weren’t any there. Joe Thomas might be as good as Diehl but then again look at what’s happening with Robert Gallery. He went #3. Levi Brown went #5. The Giants couldn’t possibly have chosen a left tackle at #20.

Tom Canavan’s article reminds us how badly the Giants defense needs help defending the pass. He doesn’t mention that the safeties can be blamed for muc of that – obviously we didn’t help ourselves at the safety position on day 1.

Regarding linebacker, OK, the Giants could use a WLB.

Arthur Staple’s article shows us that Reese would have traded down with Cleveland if they had made us the same offer they made the Cowboys. He correctly points out that Ross was a better pick than beason or Staley because Ross helps (potentially helps) at two positions of need, punt returner and corner.

Mike Garafolo’s article offers something new – that Ross will compete with Corey Webster for a spot.

John Branch says Ross will compete with both Webster and Madison. Like all the other articles he talks about how the Giants tried to trade up for one of the other corners but couldn’t find the right deal (like the Jets did).

Aaron Ross video highlights

Sunday, April 29th, 2007

Keep in mind that scouting reports on ESPN and NFL.com and wherever are often wrong. For example ESPN says Ross will be better in a zone scheme. NFL.com says he is a “liability” in zone. Obviously one of them is wrong!

I’m sure I’ll have more articles soon but for now, enjoy:

Pretty exciting first round

Sunday, April 29th, 2007

Who would have thought that when the Giants went on the clock at #20 Brady Quinn would still be on the board? There were some good guys in positions of need to. Alan Branch was there. Dwayne Jarrett was there. Reggie Nelson, Joe Staley, Beason, Meachem, etc. Some trade down possibilities one would think.

The Giants stayed at 20 and took Aaron Ross, a big CB with good hands who can return punts. I like that he’s 6-1. I like part of his nfl.com scouting report:

Ross not only excelled as a cover cornerback for the Longhorns, but was also a standout as a punt returner, scoring three times on 76 runbacks during his career. His natural hands were evident, as he also deflected 33 passes and intercepted 10 others. Despite only one full season as a starter, he also generated 205 career tackles.

It sounds good, but they also say he’s not ready to play corner in the NFL because he bites on pump fakes, grabs jerseys (PI penalties), isn’t a strong tackler, isn’t strong, doesn’t understand complicated schemes, can’t play zone, etc.

Who can say how the pick will turn out? All I know is we have two chances. He could be a good return guy. He could be a good cornerback. If he does only one we at least get some value. If he does both than this is an excellent pick. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Giants and receivers in round 1 or 2

Friday, April 27th, 2007

Here’s a quick article on some of the top prospects at WR. It seems to me that if we really want to concentrate on pounding the snot out of the other guys we should be looking at defense or offensive line and tight end on offense.

Some more Giants draft articles, good and bad

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

We have an interesting article on Sagnuolo’s contributions – a list of players that fit his new system. Some possible press corners are Pitt’s Revis, Arkansas’ Houston, and Fresno State’s Marcus McCauley.

Mike Garafolo speculates about Jerry Reese trading up for Levi Brown or draftinf for need if they stay at #20. Has he been listening at all to Reese? How many times do we have to hear that drafting for need lands you the next Cedric Jones. Always go BPA in round 1. Reese has said it so why didn’t Garafolo hear?

Kevin Gleason plays the same game but at least he admits that reporters are alwyas wrong.

Here’s a better article on character risk prospects. The Giants met with UNLV cornerback Eric Wright and Miami safety Brandon Meriweather. This article has some of the same quotes but ads that the Giants have gotten rdi of their infamous 500 question pschological profile test.

Walter Thomas draft article

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

I wrote about Walter Thomas back on April 12th. Now the New York Times are writing about him. Some guessers have him going in the 5th round. I don’t guess, but this would be a hard pick to argue with considering the potential of a 375 pound guy who can bench 100 pounds more than he weighs and then do a backflip. There are character concerns though – there’s a reason he couldn’t play in college and you’d hate to spend a draft pick on a guy who ends up not playing because of something stupid…