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Archive for February, 2007

Tiki Barber’s classless move tarnishing the memory of Giants greatest running back

Sunday, February 25th, 2007

Giants fans should be talking about Tiki’s retirement by remembering how he led us past the Chiefs or the Redskins. Instead we’re talking about his mouth, which might be a little too big for his own good:

When Coughlin took over in 2004, Barber had three 1,000-yard seasons in seven years. His best rushing total was 1,387 yards. In his three seasons playing for Coughlin, he rushed for 1,518 yards, 1,860 yards and 1,662 yards. He also was transformed from a fumbler into a guy who never fumbled.

For that, Barber ripped the coach last week. Talk about classless.

Tom Coughlin is a much better man than Tiki Barber, who just might be one of the biggest fakes in all of sports.

Yes to Blackburn, maybe to Shiancoe

Friday, February 23rd, 2007

The Giants are close to signing Chase Blackburn. Good move. He’s got Nick Greisen’s heart and he’s bigger.

There is some speculation that Shiancoe may not be resigned. Eh. Good blocker. OK receiver. Should be cheap enough to sign, but he doesn’t block as well as a lineman and isn’t a great receiving threat…

Who’s the Giants defensive quality control coach?

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

The Giants have officially hired Sean Ryan for offensive quality control but are still having trouble signing Shaun O’hara. They say O’hara wants 6 years, 30 million, 10 million bonus. This is pretty much what Gurode got, and while I only watch the Cowboys twice a year, I don’t think he’s much better than O’hara probowler or not.

So I would say sign O’Hara. Not for six years, but 5 years, 25 million would be fair. 4 years would be better for the Giants. 10 million is a bit risky for a signing bonus because if he gets injured and needs to be cut that could really hurt us.

Plus, we don’t need another hole. We already have question marks on the offensive line with Petigout gone (Petigout is looking at free agency where I think he’ll cash in). We still need to worry about Toomer and Moss and who the 4th receiver will be. And we need to worry about defense.

Consider the Giants linebacking situation: SLB = Torbor, Blackburn. I like Blackburn but then again I used to like Torbor until he got a chance to play… MLB = Pierce with Blackburn backing up unless we need Blackbur to start at SLB. WLB = Wilkinson who didn’t play much last year despite all the injuries. I’m a little worried about Wilkinson as a starter.

And we could certainly use help at DT, safety, and CB…

Top draft prospects for 2007

Saturday, February 17th, 2007

I’m back. Nothing wrong but I needed a vacation…

Anyway here’s an interesting article on the top 20 prospects. From #15 through #20a I see some good prospects that could help the Giants and at least one of them will be there when we pick.

CBS Sportsline has us taking a safety. If Reggie Nelson from Florida can put Demps or Wilson on the Bench I have no problem with the pick. Even if Demps and Wilson win starting jobs, I’d like to be able to bench them when they screw up.

Of course with Whitfield retiring and Petigout gone, the Giants look pretty thin at left tackle. Will Diehl move over there with Guy Whimper as backup? That doesn’t sound like a recipe for success to me. Maybe we need to draft a tackle?

The Giants are likely around 15 million under the cap now. Briggs and Samuel are franchise players. Will the Giants find decent value in free agency? Most teams have some cap space to play with… I wonder how large an effect free agency will have on the Giants’ draft.

I was right about the Superbowl

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

I don’t mean to brag, but I was totally right about the Superbowl. The Bears defense wasn’t good enough while the Colts offense was. The Bears offense sucked miserably while the Colts defense played well enough.

Of course this Superbowl was going to be a historic one regardless of who won. Some white guys (I’m white if anyone cares) have told me that it doesn’t really matter what color the coach is. I wish that were true but it is important because this was a first. When it starts happening regularly we can say it doesn’t matter…

I was looking for intelligent articles discussing how the game was won but all I found were commercial things like people hating the Snickers ad I thought was funny.

If I find any decent articles on the gameplans or player performances I’ll let you know. Then I’ll start blogging about the draft.

Superbowl preview

Friday, February 2nd, 2007

I usually only preview Giants games, but I won’t be doing that for a while yet. So here’s some stuff to get you ready to watch the Superbowl.

1. Nick Harper might not play. He’s the guy Roethlisberger tackled after a Bettis fumble…

2. Speaking of Steels Colts, Tony Dungy and Chuck Noll have a long history.

3. Here’s a Steelers fan talking about how each team has shows both strength and weakness in the same areas this season.

4. Here’s something on both teams’ running games.

5. This guy says Peyton Manning’s critics are idiots.

What I think

The Colts win this one. We all know that the NFC sucks compared to the AFC. We’ve seen the Colts shut down a good running game in kansas City. We’ve seen Rex Grossman look mediocre, and we’ve seen the Bears defense look beatable (and get beaten). I hope it will be close and entertaining, but I think the Colts pretty much handle the Bears.