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Archive for August, 2006

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Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006

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Giants dominate Chiefs in second preseason game

Friday, August 18th, 2006

NFL.com says it was a combination of good play by the Giants and weak play from the Chiefs.

Coughlin seems pretty happy about everything except Petigout’s back (spasms) and O’Haras knee (maybe a sprain). The defensive line was strong, even the tackles. The secondary wasn’t tested too much but they passed the quiz. Eli Manning and the Giants running game looked good.

Kansas City fans are worried, partially because Green didn’t have much time to throw. Of course, here in New York, we’re all smiles.

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Thursday, August 17th, 2006

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Giants news: defense and offense

Thursday, August 17th, 2006

We’ve got another article on Frank Walker, focusing on his relationship with Sam Madison (who says his hamstring injury is no big deal). We’ve also got another article on McQuarters who says he can play offense, defense, and specials. I’ll settle for a nickel back that doesn’t get burned and makes a few interceptions. R.W. seems capable of that.

Moving ot the defensive line, Kiwanuka is in the news again. Just more about how he impressed vs. the Ravens.

On offense, Tiki Barber says he probably has 2 seasons left in him. Then he turns 33. Burress has some moderate criticism of Coughlin. Nothing exciting, but perhaps better left unsaid.

Then we have an article that says Jennings best chance for making the Giants roster is as a return man. I’m not so sure. With Morton and McQuarters pretty much on the 53 man roster, the Giants seem to be OK for returners. If Jennings proves to be a good returner (more versatile than Ponder who only returns kickoffs) and a good receiver then he has a chance but probably still won’t be active most games. Good thing he has a potential job lined up.

Needed rule change protecting longsnappers

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006

Here’s a New York Times article on long snappers, Ryan Kuehl, and the new rule protecting them. Apparently, they needed it and Kuehl has had 5 concussions as a long snapper and is one away from retirement. Here’s why:

On those plays, the long snapper is bent over the ball, peering through his legs for an upside-down view of the holder. An opposing player has traditionally lined up directly across from the snapper. At the first sign of a flicking wrist or the ball

Giants secondary looks to be OK

Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

The Giants secondary seems to be in better shape than I thought it would be. I was hoping the Giants would take Jimmy Williams (the CB witht he Falcons now I think) at #32 because I was concerned about the secondary.

However, RW McQuarters is doing better than I thought he would. He seems to be a solid nickelback and good depth shoud a starting CB go down.

Even Frank Walker is really turning it on, outperforming Deloatch (who was a below average starter last season in his 13 games). So who is the 4th CB? A 4-year veteran who may finally be playing consistently or a new guy with a little starting experience? Either way, not bad for a 4th corner. It does make you wonder what happens to Underwood and McPhearson. Practice squad maybe? And then there’s Bell, the special teams ace.

As for the safeties, no one seems worried about Demps. Wilson got burned by Heap against the Ravens, but Heap’s talent is no excuse. Considering that all Giants NFC East oppoinents have good tight ends, Wilson needs to get better in coverage in a hurry.

The Giants front 7

Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

Carlos Emmons say his injuries are just bad luck, not signs that he’s old or breaking down. We need another season out of him although Short wouldn’t be a huge problem at WLB. Blackburn might be and the Giants 3rd round pick Wilkerson is probably not nearly as ready as Emmons and Short to contribute now.

A Yahoo Sports article says the Giants will miss Clancy at DT. That’s looking to be a real possibility.

Pierce, Kiwanuka, Giants D vs. Ravens

Monday, August 14th, 2006

Pierce is upset that the Giants defense still hasn’t found an idenity, unless you count “soft” like Tom Coughlin called them.

At least Kiwanuka looks to be the real deal, although he was going up against guys dreaming of the practice squad when he really excelled.

Giants beat the Ravens in preseason action

Saturday, August 12th, 2006

Here’s a good overview of the game, starting with Feely’s game winning field goal. However, the news isn’t exactly good news:

The offense, led by quarterback Eli Manning (4-for-7, 74 yards), looked out of sync against the Ravens’ first-team defense. And the defense looked awful against the Ravens’ first-team offense and worse, according to Coughlin, it was “soft” up front.

We expect the Ravens defense to an OK job even if we have high hopes for our offense. But we need our defense to make their offense look pathetic. Here’s a description of the Ravens’ first drive, which they call perfect.

While even Boller went 12 for 18, the real concern is the Giants not stopping the run. Jamal lewis and Musa Smith did just fine against the Giants.

Of course, we do have somthing to be happy about. Everyone who was healthy before the game was healthy after the game.

Mike Sullivan talks Giants receivers

Saturday, August 12th, 2006

Here’s a good article on Mike Sullivan talking about Giants receivers. Hopefully we’ll see them shine in the ravens game in a few hours!