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Archive for February, 2006

New York sports tickets

Tuesday, February 28th, 2006

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New York is blessed with lots of famous teams that are often (historically speaking) competitive. Sure, the Yankees never did much when i was a kid rooting for Dave Winfield and Don Mattingly, but now tickets to a New York Yankees game could be a special experience.

I don’t follow the Mets because they were so much better than the Yankees back in the mid-1980s. But I went to a couple of games at Shea, and buying tickets to New York Mets games is a fine idea (especially if you’re busy when the Yankees are playing).

Being a football blog, we have to recommend the NFC East champion New York Giants. The D isn’t what it used to be (though it certainly has its moments) but the offense can be exciting.

Giants 2006 salary cap and personnel info

Monday, February 27th, 2006

The Ledger and The Daily News estimate that the Giants will be $6 million under a 92 million doallr 2006 salary cap (could 92 million – 96 million). This includes getting rid of Green, Whittle, and Brent Alexander (sad that the guy who led our team in interceptions – he had 4 – isn’t very good).

Daid Tyree needs a long-term deal. Chad Morton may be back – it seems the Giants like him better than Ponder. I think Ponder is a slightly better kickoff returner, but Morton can return both kickoffs and punts. Plus he’s a running back, and I suppose the Giants need a 4th running back more than they need a 10th wide receiver…

And Newsday says Shaun Williams will be cut and that the Giants may be interested in Tank Williams. Now the Tank Willims thing must be pure speculation on their part, but he would be quite an upgrade over Shaun Williams. The Giants would still need another safety.

Rumors that make me particularly happy go something like this: Feagles will come back one more year provided he can spend some time with his family each week.

The Daily News also reported that Seubert practiced some at center last year and may be O’Haras backup. That’s cool, but it would be even cooler if Seubert returned to his old self (the guy who pushed people backwards) and became our starting center. Don’t get me wrong, O’hara is good (better than I expected he would be) but he doesn’t push people around like Seubert used to.

Green gone, Emmons here to saty

Sunday, February 26th, 2006

Mike Garafolo reports that the Giants are getting rid of Green according to a league source:

Green’s base salary next season was scheduled to be $2.475 million. Minus the $1.1 million in signing-bonus money owed him the next two years, the Giants will save $1.375 million on next season’s salary cap by cutting him.

Outside linebacker Carlos Emmons will remain with the team, said the league official who knew of Green’s impending departure. Another linebacker will likely be added early in April’s draft and former 49er Julian Peterson could be an option in free agency.

The only way cutting Green makes sense to me is if the medical staff says he probably won’t play next season (or that he’ll have lost some speed). If Green has a chance to play, then saving 1.4 million in cap space is not that big a deal (better to have a WLB). The article has some other info on Ginats players: Peterson is still a biq question mark, Feagles and Alexander may or may not be retiring, and manning may go to Miami to work with Shockey and Buress.

Cornerback news

Thursday, February 23rd, 2006

Not big news for Giants fans, but in case you managed not to hear, Nate Clements has been Franchised by the Bills while Ty Law was cut by the Jets. Still no news on Will Allen. I personally would rather have Allen back than Law (who makes more intereceptions but takes more penalties and isn’t as fast), though I’m probably in the minority. I don’t expect either player to be a Giant next season, but we’ll see…

Interviews with Antonio Cromartie

Thursday, February 16th, 2006

Antonio Cromartie’s draft status is uncertain. Cromartie considers himself a top 15 pick while the NFL advisory comittee has said 1st to 3rd round or 3rd-4th round depending on which interview you read.

He says his combine numbers will go something like this: Probably a 4.2 in the 40; 20-23 reps of 225; 41-42″ vertical jump; 11-12′ broad jump’ 3.38 shuttle time and around a 6.5 in the 3cone. If that were to happen, doubts about the knee would be gone and Cromartie would likely be gone before the Giants pick at #25.

If he is there at #25 the Giants have to consider him. I would imagine they have to be leaning in that direction since they like big, fast corners who catch the ball once in a while. Who doesn’t? Here’s what he said about himself:

My greatest strengths as a football player are that I can come up and be a great run stopper and there would be no deep balls or jump balls thrown to my side. I have great speed and athleticism and I love playing press man coverage. I feel like if I can beat the receiver up in the first five yards then the route is over with. As far as things I need to work on I think it is my technique and back pedal but I would say I don

Rich Seubert’s contract

Saturday, February 11th, 2006

The NFLPA.org site says that the Giants have extended guard Rich Seubert’s contract. His new contract will run through the 2009 season with salaries of $545,000 in 2006, $790,000 in 2007, $1.05 million 2008, and $1.3 million in 2009. There is no information on bonus money, but this probably saves the Giants some cap room in 2006 and 2007 while keeping a fan favorite on the team.

It’s hard to say that Seubert will be starting at guard any time soon considering that Snee and Diehl seems pretty entrenched. I think it’s clear that the Giants won’t be paying 1.3 million for a backup guard in 2009 unless the cap really is much bigger.

Harry Carson quote from Peter King

Tuesday, February 7th, 2006

“Obviously I will show up. The whole process sort of made me sour. But for me not to show up would be disrespecting those people who really went to bat for me, who really thought I should be there. Where I sort of had a change of heart was when Mr. Mara passed away. I knew how strongly he felt about me being a Hall of Famer. I knew that if it did come, I couldn’t tarnish his memory, because it’s something that he wanted for me. And I would never embarrass his memory, embarrass the Giants’ organization or embarrass the National Football League.” — Hall of Fame inductee Harry Carson, the former Giants linebacker who had said he did not want to be considered for Hall entry because of being annually snubbed by the Hall’s 39-man board of selectors.

I think the most amazing thing I’ve heard in a long, long time was the choked-up, unsteady voice of Bill Parcells over the phone from Dallas Saturday afternoon, after the election of one of his favorite players, Harry Carson, to the Hall of Fame. “I’ve been crying for five minutes,” he told me. “God, am I happy. Harry is so deserving, and I couldn’t be happier for anyone. It’s unbelievable.”

Defensive backs the Giants might go for in 2006 NFL draft

Monday, February 6th, 2006

Ken Palmer of the New York Post says he talked to an NFC scout about who the Giants might draft:

One NFC scout took a few stabs at which players would be good fits for Big Blue with the 25th-overall pick in April’s draft. Needless to say, all candidates are defensive backs.
Clemson cornerback Tye Hill: Did very well at the Senior Bowl. Great cover guy. Might be a little short (5-9), but can play.

Georgia cornerback DeMario Minter: Has only decent speed, but is a good hitter.

Texas cornerback Cedric Griffin: In a word, a playmaker.

Penn State cornerback Alan Zemaitis: Has good size (6-2, 201) and ball skills.

Tennessee safety Jason Allen: Had a hip injury, which forced him to miss some time last season. Might be a diamond in the rough.

Personally I’d rather go CB than safety because my philosophy is that your draft priority (talent and other things being roughly equal) should be the positions that are most expensive to fill through free agency.

Harry Carson elected into the NFL HOF

Monday, February 6th, 2006

Finally. As Giants fans, we knew he deserved it. The “experts” finally figured it out.

Jim Finn, slow white guy

Sunday, February 5th, 2006

Here’s a rare article featuring Tiki’s favorite slow white guy, Jim Finn. An interesting perspective is that because he played tailback in college, he sees the field like a tailback and that helps him get into position to make a block.