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Archive for June, 2004

NFL economics – revenue sharing

Sunday, June 20th, 2004

Here’s an interesting article about capitalism and socialism in the NFL. Jones and Snyder are the capitalists and it’s easy for them because they are in the big markets. On the other hand Irsay (Colts owner) wants more revenue sharing so he doesn’t have to keep paying his players out of his own pocket (the Colts don’t make enough money to handle a Peyton Manning size contract).

In the midst of it all is Wellington Mara lamenting that football was more fun in the old days. Nowadays, when the owners meet they only talk about business; they used to talk about football.

Giants and NFL news articles

Saturday, June 19th, 2004

Articles you should read:

The 49ers released Greg Randall. He was a starter for Houston last season, but was going to be a backup for San Francisco until they decided they didn’t need another backup. The Giants have to think about signing him.

Marcus Spears has been released by the Kansas City Chiefs. Here’s a 6’5″ veteran who has played guard and tackle. If Greg Randall gets too expensive, the Giants could go after Spears.

Inside Football talks about conditioning and other stuff. For example it’s reported that Shockey has decided to have surgery. Also there’s some talk about Coughlin’s offense and a nice overview of the competition for diferent positions.

An overview of rookies with an NFL pedigree includes a bit about Eli Manning.

Identity theft in the NFL

Saturday, June 19th, 2004

I just read an unusual but interesting article about the NFL and identity theft. It seems that so few people know what NFL players look like under the pads and helmets that NFL players are easy targets for identity theft.

The NFL rund free background checks for players to check out their nannies, business associates, or whoever. There are also classes on identity theft, but how do you protect yourself from a stranger using your name?

Hand injured

Thursday, June 17th, 2004

Norman Hand hurt his back during a drill. Hand has been dieting; he wants to play at 317 but the Giants will settle for 325. As Kim Jones pointed out a few days ago, the Giants are relying on Hand to keep blockers away from Nick Greisen…

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Shockey surgery?

Thursday, June 17th, 2004

Shockey is leaning toward surgery Monday. The idea would be to end the foot problem. As Shockey says, if he doesn’t do anything now the foot might will probably last until week 6 or 7, but it’s better to miss a couple weeks of training camp and solve the problem for good. Otherwise normal wear & tear will eventually cause the problem to resurface.

More Shockey injury concerns

Wednesday, June 16th, 2004

Jeremy Shockey will get a second opinion on his foot. This is necessary because x-rays show a “hot spot” on his right foot. The article explains that this could be anything from a bruise to a fracture.

Ralph Vacchiano is also talking about the foot. Considering that Shockey had turf toe his rookie year and was injured last year (his second), it’s not surprising that the possibility that Shockey is injury prone is floating around Giants message boards…

Inside Football says surgery would be no surprise. There’s also a run down on other injuries, and talk about other positions. As always, it’s worth the read.

Giants QB news

Tuesday, June 15th, 2004

The NY posts says that Tom Coughlin works the Giants pretty hard. There’s also some mention of Ryan Van Dyke compteing with Jesse Palmer and J. Load for the #3 spot.

There’s another NY Post article with a detailed look at how Van Dyke figures into the QB equation.

It seems that while Coughlin says it’ll be a fair fight between Warner and Eli, Warner will probably win:

“One thing you can’t switch from one player to the other is the experience factor and obviously Kurt has that,” he said. “He has been there. It is going to take time for Eli. No question about that.”

In this one from the Daily News, Tom Coughlin is interviewed. Coughlin talks about Eli, Snee, his grandkids, 9/11, etc. Very interesting read.

Tom Coughlin’s philosophy

Saturday, June 12th, 2004

There’s no motivator like belief in what you’re doing. I feel that a group has to be molded, and by today’s standards, it’s almost out of character. I believe nothing good is ever accomplished without a struggle.”

Interestingly though, it doesn’t seem as though Coughlin is molding the players by making them bend to his will. For example he talks about winning Strahan over when some Giants fans (me included) expected him to lay down the law. Dr. Z doesn’t sound all that positive that Tom Coughlin’s philosophy will work for the New York Giants. However he concludes on a somewhat positive note:

If Coughlin can somehow inject the spirit of passion into a veteran team such as the Giants that he did into his young ’96 Jags, then it will be one of the great success stories of the season…. It’s a tough arena for Coughlin and his belief system, but somehow you get the feeling that he’s going to make it work.

Neil Best writes about forging a team and it seems that the players feel that the 20 new veterans (not to mention rookies) and the Giants who have been around are bonding more easily because they are all learning Coughlin’s system together. Of course making all these strangers a team is a big challenge for Coughlin.

Shockey’s injured foot

Saturday, June 12th, 2004

Shockey has injured his foot again. This has sparked some Criticism of Shockey’s lifestyle. It seems that Shockey dances too much and is too busy “scamming babes” for some tastes. My fellow Giants blogger over at Big Blue Blog comes to Shockey’s defense, however.

Roosevelt Brown

Saturday, June 12th, 2004

Roosevelt Brown died at 71. Frank Gifford recalls a few specific plays that worked because of Roosevelt Brown, the Giants 255 pound left tackle, who is considered one of the best ever. Paul Schwartz has some interesting information on Brown too, including salary numbers from the 50’s. All in all, it seems that everyone respected him as a player, coach, scout, and gentleman.